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Drag Race September 26, 2016

My daughter experiences her first drag race.

Soul January 9, 2016

What is your soul?

Factorial January 1, 2016

Three ways to implement factorial in Scala.

Family Flying June 16, 2015

The family experiences a vertical wind tunnel.

Red Power Roundup June 14, 2015

Farmall tractors as far as the eye can see.

Always, Never, Awesome, Prove ... March 21, 2015

Native English speakers tend to use stronger words than necessary to describe a situation.

Words March 2, 2015

We as humans invent words as part of our language.

Flowers February 28, 2015

iPad painting with Procreate.

Stories February 28, 2015

Humans create stories because we have an innate need to share these stories.